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Our services


Workshops and Training

We deliver a variety of workshops that are customized for parents, youth pastors, church leaders, and camp staff. 

Listening Sessions

We help churches, families, and organizations by running listening sessions with students to hear some of the challenges they are facing. These sessions include creative activities, teaching times and opportunities for prayer & response.

Training for Camps

Camps are unique ministry experiences, combing full-time and seasonal staff. The students you encounter are often unknown by the team before camp starts and can come with a host of different experiences and challenges. We help you prepare through training and creating strategies as first responders to youth in crisis.

Church Consultation

Rather than react to crisis, we help churches prepare for crisis situations that will inevitably take place as you minister to students. These consultation times can be combined with listening sessions to provide targeted training for your church leadership, teams, and parents.

Tailored Training Packages

If you have specific areas of interest or concern that you would like to be equipped to respond to, then we can create a tailored training package for your church, or organization.


We are continually developing resources that are available for use. Details are available on request.