About Us

Nate Rice


  Nate Rice is a licensed mental health counselor in Washington state, earning his MA in Counseling Psychology from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Prior to starting his private practice in the Seattle area, Nate was in full-time youth ministry for over two decades. He is passionate about addressing the current mental health crisis in our country, particularly in youth and young adults. 

Carl Dodd


Carl Dodd has two decades of full-time youth ministry experience, most recently as Chaplain & Director of Student  Ministries at Eastside Academy in Bellevue, Washington working with at-risk students. Carl has worked in various church and community projects, including implementing a national strategy to listen to the voices of students within the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

Like Nate, Carl has a deep passion to equip those on the front-line with the skills they need to respond to the mental health crisis that we are facing.